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Although most people donโ€™t pay much attention to it, your deck is an important part of your property. It is where you spend the evenings relaxing with your friends and family. Not only do you want your deck to have an attractive appearance, prolonging the life of the deck material in harsh weather conditions is important too. Deck painting or staining is one of the most effective ways to give your deck a visually appealing appearance and prolong its life for many years to come.

How we paint decks 

At Professional Painters Des Moines, we meticulously carry out deck painting services to get you the best results. Our deck painting process begins with carefully preparing the deck surface before applying the paint. To prepare the deck surface, we start by removing dirt, chopped paint, gravel, and other contaminants. Next, we power-wash to thoroughly clean the surface. This is then followed by deck sanding to make the surface smoother before the paint is finally applied. We meticulously follow these steps to achieve a clean finish and ensure durability.

Deck painting benefits 

Deck painting is an effective way to improve the appearance of your wooden deck as it helps to highlight the grain of the wood. But you can get deck staining services for other reasons asides from aesthetics. Painting your deck is a great way to prolong the lifespan of your wooden deck as it helps to prevent rot. Deck painting also protects the deck against insects and water damage. For your deck painting process, you can choose from a variety of options that will enhance the natural grain of the wood and give it an appealing appearance.

When To Re-Stain Your Deck

To preserve the appearance of your wooden deck, it is recommended that you hire a painting company to repaint or re-stain your deck regularly. However, how often you need to do this depends on two major factors: external elements and how much traffic your deck gets. Exposure to sunlight and rain are two of the major external factors that determine how often your deck should be painted. Exposed wood will soak up water when it rains and as it dries up and freezes with time, it becomes a little weaker. The other factor that determines how often you need to repaint your deck is how much traffic it gets. As shoes rub over your deck surfaces, the paint will begin to wear off.

Where who are the best deck Painters near me, Des Moines, Iowa?

Generally, a full deck paint job will only last for 3 to 4 years. After this, you may need to start asking questions about good deck painters near me Des Moines Iowa, and how to hire them. If you are a home or business owner in Des Moines Iowa in need of professional deck painting services, we are your best answer to the โ€œhow to find the best deck painters near me Des Moines Iowa โ€ question. We offer a broad range of quality interior and exterior painting services to make your property stand out.

According to a Consumer Reports National Research Center survey of over 300 real estate professionals, selectively painting key rooms like the kitchen and bathroom can fetch 1-3% more on your home sale, while enhancing the exterior (including paint touch-ups) can add 2-5%.

Aside from adding value, a new paint job freshens the outside and inside of the home and makes the space feel clean, inviting, and like new. Fresh paint also fares better in listing photos and will hide any old imperfections.