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Looking For Commercial Painting Contractor Near Des Moines, IA?

Whether it is an office building, retail store, apartment building, school, or medical facility, a paint job can make a lot of difference. You don’t want your building to look ragged and dingy due to old peeling paint. You can improve the appearance of your commercial building by getting it painted. Adding a fresh coat of paint can also do more than improve your building appearance. The right color has been known to improve productivity and create a more lively work environment.

Creating an inspiring workplace with color

In addition to aesthetics, you can create a more inspiring workplace using the right blend of colors and this will improve the performance of your employees. The right color can also communicate with prospective clients and visitors to your business as it creates a sense of professionalism that will improve their perception of your business. There are many more reasons are why you should hire a commercial painting contractor for your office and other commercial building.

Professional Commercial Painting

As leading commercial painting contractors in Des Moines, we specialize in painting the exterior and interior of office buildings and other commercial spaces. Our goal is to help businesses achieve a more stylish workplace while boosting productivity. We offer our services to retail buildings, hospitality businesses, schools, hospitals, office buildings, food service businesses, and so on. Commercial painting services requires a sense of professionalism and discipline that you can only find in a few commercial painters. We understand this and we strive to do our work with the highest level of professionalism.

Preparing Your Building for Professional Painting

We are professional commercial painting contractors which means we have experience and the skill to paint your commercial space right. But before we being painting, we prepare your building to ensure the work progresses smoothly and to get the best results in the long run. Our services begin with a consultation to understand your painting needs. We will also go over color ideas and choose the best scheme for your commercial space. On D-day, we ensure that all furniture and other movable items are out of the way and we cover the floor and other unmovable materials to protect them. Our preparation services may also include power washing the walls, scraping old paint among other things. In essence, we get your space ready to deliver safe and efficient service for your business.

No downtime

One of the major challenges of commercial building painting jobs is how to keep their business running while painting is on. At Professional Painters Des Moines, one of the core principles that set us apart from other painting companies is that we carry out our services without causing major disruptions to your business. We try to make our presence barely noticeable. To achieve this, we use efficient painting methods and quality materials that help us to save time. Our commercial painting contractors are trained to work very fast. We also make use of low-odor and quick drying paints. This helps to limit downtime so that work can resume as soon as possible.

Two of the most common misconceptions I hear are that “Paint is Paint” or “It doesn’t matter what kind of paint I use”. The exact opposite is true. To use a car analogy, just as Toyota Motors has the Scion, Toyota, and Lexus lines to meet different market needs, so too do paint manufacturers have different lines of paint that meet various needs.

“Production” Home Builders, for example, are generally concerned with keeping costs down in order to offer the most attractive selling prices they can while still maintaining desired profit margins. This generally means using inexpensive (and therefore low grade) paints. Re-paint work, on the other hand, is generally done by/for homeowners who are more concerned with how the paint will perform than with saving a few dollars per gallon.

I classify paint into one of three categories: Builder-grade, Contractor-grade, or Premium-grade. Builder-grade paints meet the low-price point required by builders and may touch-up fairly well, but are generally not very durable. If you have ever purchased a new home or a home that was never painted since it was built, think of what happened when you tried to wipe a mark off the wall. Chances are, you probably scrubbed some color off the wall along with the soil, right?

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